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Glinda of the Wizard of Oz is a good witch. Rihanna is a bad bitch. Me? I’m a good bitch 🙂

What’s a good bitch? To me, being a good bitch means facing the realities of my life — the people & forces that shape it — & taking direct action to create justice & healing on this planet for myself & other people.

I don’t shy away from brutal realities such as rape, policing, & tech-fueled gentrification. I don’t mince words when speaking about the power of governments & corporations to ruin us. I don’t truck with racists, be they proud or merely deluded by their privilege.

My Good Bitch Blog on this site is where I share my goals, dreams, & strategies for global system change. Let’s make love real, even if being real means being a bitch or, as we say in my beloved LatinX community in the Ohlone bay AKA the San Francisco Bay Area, chingona.

I’m embracing my good bitch self because, at this moment in spacetime, life is online. Not just my life, but Life itself. If being a bitch helps reveal truth in the face of violence & delusion, then so be it, see to it, I’m a good bitch!

Here’s the truth as I see it:

  1. Trump & Co. are gutting systems that both sustain & pervert life (healthcare, ecological protections, basic human rights…).
  2. Cops are shooting our people with endless sanction or incarcerating, deporting, & surveilling us. That we have a grassoots social movement called Black Lives Matter is, to me, evidence that active wars against Black peoples in & outside the USA are & have been in full force.
  3. White people are more than everyday beneficiaries of white supremacy due to their racial privilege; many are its active protectors. For example, 53% of white women voted for Trump & Co. This number speaks to the depth of racism in our neighbors & coworkers, not just the depth of the Deep State. It points to how close the USA is to active civil war on its streets. Who do you trust with stats like that?
  4. Elon Musk & Co. aim to colonize Mars by establishing migrant detention centers for those who can afford them & are deemed worthy of galactic migration.
  5. Global climate change is sure to accelerate, which is part of what is leading to the rise in, say, the number & natural habitat of ticks & the spread of severe diseases no longer covered by government healthcare.
  6. Everyone is downstream from pollution, or, as the precious water protectors of Standing Rock say, #MniWiconi, which means #AguaEsVida & #WaterIsLife. The good people of Flint, Michigan know only too well how much or rather how little our system cares for our lives when it comes to clean drinking water.
  7. Russia & China are being rather effective at destabilizing the use of US dollars as the world’s reserve currency, a status the US has pushed via political pressure in the form of bombs & blockades against places like Syria, which is facing a deep water crisis.
  8. AI, as in artificial intelligence, & machine learning are already in the next gen. Who knows what such data says about life on this planet in coming decades?

Dunno about you but my future goggles go steamy when I pull together these select variables & imagine life 10 years out.

In my public writing, I focus on the heart of the matter: Us. We are peoples in the plural. I see human diversity as a source of endless natural wealth that’s being wasted. I see love as the world’s most natural currency that’s being perverted.

Here’s what that means to me in eight points.

1. I live on Earth, a lovely yet abused planet where some lives have added value in the global marketplace. I am an active healer in this world aflame. I see social enterprise as one way to heal myself & other people.

2. My beloved community is global, local, & mobile. We are indigenous peoples & immigrants, brujas & homies, dreamers & magicians. We are one love.

3. My work is to directly relieve pain in forms such as rape & incarceration. It is also to amplify love & healing. The heart of my practice involves accelerating the transition from zombie capitalism to local living economies. To me, this means moving from debt, violence, & pain to abundance & liberation.

4. In a word, decolonization.

5. I focus my energies on guiding divas, homies, & dreamers — in a word magicians! — in launching their own social enterprises. I help the poor & politically marginalized realize their dreams & share their gifts.

6. To achieve this sacred vision, I designed a new way of business modeling called Decolonial Bizness World that I teach face-to-face & via small online classes.

7. I love the digital commons, so the curriculum for Decolonial Bizness World is free & open via the internet.

8. I feel the power of beloved community to bring peace into being, so this blog reflects the troubling situation of all of Earth’s children & the many ways people work together to become the change we wish to live.

Peace, Darshan Elena Campos, PhD

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