About Me :)

Learning is my lifeblood. I love helping people enhance their natural intelligence, curiosity, & personal experiences.

My current entrepreneurship focuses on the methods & mindsets that promote system change & decolonization. In 2016, I began work on a new project called Decolonial Bizness World, a new way of business modeling and education, which invites people to become active healers of our local and global beloved communities and living planet.

In 2014, I was named a Fulbright Specialist in Education for my expertise in three main areas:

1. Developing & facilitating community partnerships;

2. Using digital tools to enhance learning & build beloved communities,

3. Researching, designing & implementing holistic assessment measures in the workplace.

Raised in multiracial communities of immigrants, hippies, & queers in the Ohlone bay AKA the San Francisco Bay Area, I see human diversity as a source of cultural wealth. My single mother finished her college degree when I was in grade school. She instilled a deep love of learning – & a desire to pursue education for both worldly knowledge & financial stability. I’m also the daughter of a veteran who has been in shelters, prisons, & mental hospitals for many years, including my entire childhood. Intellectual curiosity gave me a new lens for understanding my family’s ancestral inheritance & my many beloved communities.

Nerdiness remains a part of my cultural identity. Big nerd pride forever!