Gifts, Services, Happenings

Playshops & Workshops

In my community playshops, I share strategies for building learning communities that draw upon the expertise & curiosity of all people. What’s a playshop? More play, less work! Playshops tend to be more experimental & collaborative, while workshops largely focus on finding remedies for specific problems.

Public Speaking for Social Innovation

I love to speak about the power of social innovation. To me, social innovation rests on ancient wisdom, & emerging knowledges, including open source technology, that enable people to work together to promote healing & justice in the face of the world’s violence & delusion. I focus on practical strategies & political dreaming around issues such as rape, policing, & tech-fueled gentrification on a planet facing climate change & global ecocide.

I organize my public speaking around questions:

  • How we can use community solutions to end all forms of violence, from rape to poverty to failing schools?
  • What do healing & justice look like in the face of today’s political surrealism in Trump’s White House?
  • How can we become active healers in our communities, be they at work or home or the public library?

Teaching & Coaching

I design learning experiences, & I support learners in meeting their own goals.

I have taught face-to-face, hybrid, & online courses for more than 5000 learners in high school & college. I have also mentored, coached, or trained hundreds of educators. I have worked in large public universities & small community organizations. I also teach in libraries, cultural festivals, & museums. I practice community education. Learning happens everywhere. All the time. Across life’s many stages.